Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reunion after 10 years@English cafe

As I began learning Greek two months ago, I feel how difficult Greek is and realized the actual meaning of the phrase "It's all Greek to me." I make it a rule to listen to/watch English news, German news for children and NIV audio Bible on my i-Pod while commuting. Greek conversation CDs have recently been added to my favorite. However, the more I study Greek, the more I came to know the difficulty.

That makes me feel much more familiar with German.:-) With its rebound, I became starved for speaking German with someone. I recalled an English conversation lounge in Tokyo. Checking the website, I found there are other language groups depending on the day of the week. I went there for the first time in ten or eleven years.

To my surprise, the owner of the cafe remembers me, though I was not a customer and visited there more than ten years ago. I asked him, "Do you really remember me? I came here ten years ago." He replied, "Yes, I do." I continued to ask, "Why?" and he answered, "Because you are a unique person." I suppose my face is easy to remember.

I've had no chance to speak German after leaving a conversation school. I used to join the free conversation room every Saturday. Last Friday, I went to the cafe again and was very surprised to see two of my old classmates were there. They said that they visited the place every week. Everyone seemed to look for a chance to use German.

Another surprise is that an elderly classmate has an excellent knowledge of Classical Greek and also Italian Opera. I told him that I sang "Ah fors'e lui che l'anima - Sempre libera" at the last year's concert. Then he brought a score book of "La traviata(椿姫)". Coincidentally, he's also been to Prague to see "Tosca". Well, I had a good Japanese conversation with him regarding Opera at the multilingual cafe.

I do want to broaden my view meeting people with same/different interests each other.

Thank you for reading and God bless you!
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