Thursday, October 21, 2010

Divine Guidance (Testimony 3)

聖霊を受けて(Testimony 2)から洗礼を受ける前までの証になります。

I have much curiosity in everything, particularly I'm interested in something beautiful and mysterious. When I was a freshman at a college, one of my classmates showed me tarot cards, which led me to tell fortunes by using tarot cards, playing cards and astrology. My big mistake was that I believed I could help people around me by fortune-telling. A palmist read my palms to tell me that I was cut out for a counselor, and another fortune-teller asked me to be his disciple.

Later I came to know how sinful fortune-telling is and how much God hates it. After all, I was not able to help people but just perplexed them. When I had communion for the first time at the church, I had a tiny glass of red wine and a small piece of bread. We have communion every 1st Sunday of the month. Only those who have been baptized with water and/or with the Holy Spirit are allowed to have communion at our church. Having Jesus' holy body and blood enable us to unite with Jesus spiritually and remember God's blessings.

The very day I had communion for the first time, I experienced how the Holy Spirit works. As soon as I got home from the church, I felt unpleasant to see a lot of books of fortune-telling on the bookshelf. They should have been my treasure including tarot cards got in Europe and others collected for years. I couldn't endure having such kinds of things any more, though I hadn't feel hatred in the morning.

Stuffing these books into two big paper bags, I hastened to go to a park nearby. I kept praying by the Holy Spirit until they were all burned out, since I learned that Satan, God's enemy, controls the evil spirit of fortune-telling. Later, my heart was filled with joy and peace from God. I realized how strong the Holy Spirit is. I cannot serve both for Satan and God at the same time. Without making an effort by myself, the Holy Spirit purified my heart and made me abandon the bad habit. I have completely been freed from the evil spirit and I have never been controlled or tempted by it any more.

Later, I have experienced another event in a coin-operated laundry shop. While the washing machine was working, I went shopping for a while. When I came back to the shop, I was surprised to find that someone had poured a bleaching agent into the washing machine to damage my matching sweat suits of my boyfriend's. I was so shocked and then filled with anger about that and thought I would never forgive a person who did this. I couldn't understand why a man had done bad on my sweat suits at all.

I wanted even to revenge against him first. My feeling was changed from anger to sorrow and then to pain. I didn't know why I felt painful in my heart. However, when I think something negative, I always feel painful in my heart, and then I say to Jesus, "I'm sorry." My heart becomes peaceful after prayers. I have become not controlled by the evil spirit but led by the Holy Spirit. How blessing God is always with me! Hallelujah!

- to be continued to Baptism with water(Testimony 4) -

Thank you for reading and God bless you!
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