Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The recital is over

I spent a very busy weekend having a home assembly (=Katei shukai) and attending an annual recital.

I sang two Italian arias, “Oh! Quante volte oh! quante” and “Son vergin vezzosa”. The type of my voice is Lirico Soprano, which, I think, matches relatively sad and slow arias. I am not so good at singing bright and fast arias. That’s the reason I dared to choose “Son vergin vezzosa” for my study. I tried very hard memorizing the lyrics but was not able to sing “Son vergin vezzosa” without mistakes.

On Sunday, noticing my worried-face, my choir teacher came to ask me and was kind enough to pray about my recital. She is a veteran opera singer and was a vocal music teacher at a music college. I’ve been learning from her for more than 20 years. She encouraged me a lot. Getting better, I left the church for a concert hall in Tokyo.

Thanks to my Lord's help and my teacher’s prayer. Amazingly, I could sing the anxious area without mistakes except only one: singing ‘mi’ for ‘ti’. My private vocal teacher cheered me up before singing the other area, saying, “As this is a heidi-san like area, go and sing naturally”. I sang the aria with Juliet’s feeling.

I feel relieved the concert went successfully. Looking forward to next year’s from now! :-)

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